Thread: Proposal: Leafs-Dallas-Van
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04-02-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by theLongR0D View Post
Here we go.....

While his contract is ridiculous he does not have negative value. He will not fetch the return suggested in the OP, but he won't be free. The true value of Loungo lies somewhere in between what Leafs and Nucks fans propose. It's useless to even discuss because it just turns into an argument with dumb posts like the above.
The purpose of the trade is to be as equally as dumb as the Vancouver fans proposal.

And unfortunately Loungo's value is pretty damn close to negative. If he as so desirable, someone would have pulled the trigger on the a deal by now. His return will be at best a 2nd rounder... or if lucky a high risk/ high reward prospect.

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