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04-02-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
I'm not saying these stats are perfectly accurate. But they are still calculated by professional statisticians. While we cannot use these stats as exact tools, we can certainly use them to see tendancies.

No one should be surprised, for example, that Matt Martin, Chris Neil, Steve Ott, Zac Rinaldo and Luke Schenn are the league leaders in hits, that McDonald, Orpik and Smid are the leaders in blocked shots and that Datsyuk, Toews and Staal are the leaders in takeaways. While this is maybe not perfectly accurate, this still gives a fair general portrait of tendancies. True?

Now, if DD was really the giveaway machine that's being portrayed by some on this board, don't you think there should be some statistical evidences to support that? 11 giveaways only might not be perfectly accurate, but do you really think the official statisticians are blind enough to miss all of his giveaways and to miss the fact that he's a "turnover machine"?

We should fire them all if that's the case. (but it's not)

I love how the DD detractors love to use micro stats to make him look bad, but reject any stats that doesn't fit the idea they have of him.

By the way, I watch the games too. And what I see on the ice is not different than stats : no, DD is not a turnover machine. But I see that his detractors have a very vivid imagination.
The thing is, there are plenty of micro stats that make Desharnais look good. He's generating more shots than last year (though his SO% luck is gone), and his corsi is more often than not positive. The criticism is that he's not dominating enough for his exploitation role and is being outplayed by his wingers, but he's not actually getting dominated out there.

Saying that he gets regularly dominated is people seeing what they want to see, because they see a small guy who isn't particularly strong on his skates and assume he can't be effective. He outplays his matchups - they are easy sure, but if he really was a fringe NHLer like Weber even that wouldn't be enough.

But yes, the giveaway stat is useless. The Habs team leaders in giveaways are all our best players, and Emelin. Only Markov has more giveaways than Crosby. All that stat is good for is determining who likes to posses the puck for a long time.

My personal opinion from watching the games is that Desharnais is turnover prone when he's forced to play along multiple zones. For a center he's not a good puck protector as he's weak and doesn't have high end top speed. However, he can exploit space that is already there. When he's already set up in the offensive zone he's careful with the puck and if anything makes some timely recoveries. He's a one zone player, but so is Gorges.

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