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I'm new here so I'll introduce myself this way.

Name: Ryan
Age: 27
Sex: M
Birthplace: Effingham, IL
Hometown: Newton, IL
Mode of Transportation: 2012 Chrysler 200, 2008 Dodge Avenger (Married so my wife usually drives the new wheels )
Job: Software Support at a Dental Company
How and when you became a Blues fan: Grew up cheering for all St. Louis sports teams (which in the early 90's was only 2). My Dad was a big fan of the Cards/Blues, so it just naturally was passed along to me. Obviously, I was a huge Brett Hull fan too. Once I'm a fan of a team, I don't waiver, so I've been with them ever since.
Favorite Blues Player: current? Vladimir Sobotka All-Time? Pierre Turgeon
Favorite NON Blues Player: active? Kris Letang Retired? Mario Lemieux
Your Definitive Blues Moment: Even though we proceeded to get swept in the first round, the game in '09 when the Blues clinched a playoff spot. The atmosphere in the 'Trade was amazing (I wasn't there, watched on TV), but more importantly it signaled this team was moving in the right direction.
First Blues Game Attended: Was either '92 or '93. My Dad took me to the Old Barn to see the Blues play Gretzky and the Kings. Hard to beat that as a first game.
College Attended/Attending: Graduated from a local CC w/ an AAS. Attended Eastern Illinois University but did not graduate.
Music You Listen To: Indie/Americana/Folk/Alternative/Hip Hop
Favorite Band(s): Avett Brothers, Ben Folds Five, Flaming Lips, Beirut, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists
Favorite Movie(s): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Magnolia, Office Space
Favorite Food: Italian food, for sure.
Favorite TV Show: All time: Freaks and Geeks, Ed, The Wire. Current: Community, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad.
Hobbies: Hanging w/ my wife and son (8 months old). Watching sports, talking sports, writing about sports, playing sports (see a pattern? haha). Video games, music, movies...pop culture in general.

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