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12-27-2003, 02:56 AM
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What's up Habs fans? (OT)

First off, my apologies for making an attention-wh**ing thread. But who better to ask than Habs fans?

This summer I decided to move to Montreal, Quebec!

I feel like I need a change in my life. Edmonton has everything a world class city has to offer and is Canada's "festival city", but I know this place too well. When I visited Toronto last June, I was stunned. When you let yourself go and enjoy new places like that it really makes you want even more. When I arrived back in Edmonton I grew really dissatisfied with this place. Edmonton is awesome, but it's just too far out in the middle of nowhere. I'm going by greyhound, it's costs alot less than flying.

Okay, questions. I heard that Montreal offers the cheapest rent in Canada. I tried to googlize it but couldn't find squat, just car rentals. Is this true? Can a young blue collar man like me survive this city? I also speak some basic French, but not very well though. The fact that I heard Montreal has the cheapest rent in Canada is the biggest factor in my decision. Plus it sounds lovely.

Again sorry for bothering you, don't be angry with me please, but I'm just too excited and my family can't help me with any info about Montreal, so I posted here. I also don't know anyone who knows about Montreal.

Thank you, and have happy holidays wishes from Edmonton!

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