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Originally Posted by derriko View Post
I've only seen him play 3-4 games internationally, and this was what, 2007? but I wasnt even specifically talking about Berra. I was talking more to the fact that if you are in the Swiss league at 26, theres something wrong if you are considered an NHL talent, let alone "one of the best goalies outside of the NHL."

Hell, Hiller was an exception, and looked like a long shot himself, and he was 24 when he left!

This guy basically is what he is...not many players get significantly better at his age, and he needs to, to ever even sniff the show.
I think that first you are underestimating the swiss league, the level is not so different of the SEL at least for the top 8 teams (mostly because the best swedish talents are playing in the NHL and a lot of their young players are already abroad in the farm teams).

So he can develop in good work conditions, in a league that's still quite competitive, with a much better salary than in AHL for example and he has a "star" status he wouldn't have abroad. I think these are quite enough reasons why swiss players in general prefer to wait for the good shot to join the NHL instead of rushing in the farm system risking to never make it in the big league.

I am not saying that Berra is assured of being the next Vesina winner, just that he has the talent to do something at NHL level. It could be a long shot like Stephan (who ended his NHL carrer with 10 poor games for the Stars) or a success like Hiller, but I think it's worth trying.

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