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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Don't know where you've ever seen any of us point to one single factor as THE reason for anything, but the linemates aspect has been discussed in enough detail to not bring it back around now. It's not even a matter of linemates vs health for me, as I don't find it that difficult to see the symptoms of both (not in memory, nor in hindsight). As for the bolded, I still say you have to be biased toward raw offensive numbers (even more dangerous with goal scoring wingers, imo) to so easily claim the year ranges you list there. Lots to consider (face to face meetings in the playoffs, for one example among many), as this thread has hopefully somewhat proven.
How on Earth can you stand by your belief that Selanne's "drop to a 32 point player over 70+ games was equal parts having been robbed of his special skills AND not being able to rekindle any kind of "real" chemistry with Kariya"?

Equal Parts?

Selanne was on a line with his two best friends in the NHL: Joe Sakic and Paul Kariya, two players who perfectly compliment a healthy Selanne's game. Any lack of chemistry is a direct product of being injured. You can't go from arguing that Kariya inflates Selanne's production in 2000 to arguing that Kariya is 50% responsible for Selanne's decrease in production in 2004.

Selanne's injury perfectly overlaps with the timeline of his decreased production. Trying to hang even half of it on his chemistry with Kariya and Sakic (because that's somehow a worse set of linemates for him than Kariya/Rucchin and McDonald/Kunitz and Koivu/Blake) is absolute trash.

Oh, and go ahead and make an argument for Fedorov's second-best year (1996) against Selanne's second-best year (1999). And keep going down the line. Tell me when Fedorov starts to have the better season over Selanne again.

Face-to-face meetings in the playoffs? Which one was matched up against Nicklas Lidstrom again? Who was Fedorov skating against? Darren Van Impe? I'm shocked (shocked) that Detroit advanced.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
You say "exclusively supported by the playoffs", as if you haven't argued that Roy should be considered above Hasek BECAUSE of his playoff resume and his ability to raise his play to a level wins Cups, and prove his calibre when it mattered... Results. Matter.
Oh, because Patrick Roy was a one-hit wonder in the regular season?

Laughable comparison. Fedorov is a one-time All-Star (albeit at a tough position) getting compared to Selanne, a four-time All-Star (same position as Jagr and Bure, no big deal). Roy and Hasek were both six-time All-Stars, with one having Gretzky-esque playoffs.

Where is your parallel between Sergei Fedorov and Patrick Roy? What has Fedorov done in the regular season that is comparable to being top-ten in save percentage 15 times, or being named an All-Star/Vezina nominee eight times? In Fedorov's second-best season (1996) he was, what, the fifth or sixth best skater, depending on where you rank Joe Sakic?

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I'd be more interested in reading something less easily dismissed.
EDIT: I'll just remove my retort and let the counterpoints do the talking.

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