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04-02-2013, 12:03 PM
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Your arguing that the expected value from a 2nd round pick is high. It is not. Most likely scenario is you're getting a bottom line player or someone who doesn't make it.
But the Rangers scouting has been wonderful with these middle of the pack and even late round picks. I'd rather take that chance them dumping it in a nothing trade for a guy who's frankly, not going to make a huge difference.

Fast - 6th Round
Kundratek - 3rd Round
Stepan - 2nd Round
Hagelin - 6th Round
Anisimov - 2nd Round
Tom Pyatt - 4th Round
Sauer - 2nd Round
Callahand - 4th Round
Dubinsky - 2nd Round
Lundqvist - 7th Round
Dom Moore - 3rd Round
Tyutin - 2nd Round
Potter - 4th Round
Thomas - 2nd Round

Those are all guys who are on the cusp or have made an impact at the NHL level, dating back to 2000. None of them are 1st round picks. I left out guys like Dawes, Prucha, etc, that got a significant amount of time but didn't stick.

Any draft is a crap shoot, but i'd much rather look for a long term asset in that crap shoot (Anisimov, Stepan, etc) then go for a player like Roy.