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04-02-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by McNutty780 View Post
IMO, there's nothing this team can do this season to make them (or give them any reason to be) OVER confident in what they are doing.

They've been outright humiliated numerous times this season (the peak of all that during the road trip), been booed off the ice by the fans, and I'm sure they all know what the media and fans think of their inconsistency time and time again.

No rational, sane person on earth would EVER take this 4 win streak for granted.

That being said, the danger is a slip up in their confidence. They really have to believe that they can pull this off. Winning definitely helps that, but it's just so fragile right now. If we drop one or two games against calgary this week or whatever, that may be too much to recover from.

Everyone might be nervous and jittery right now, and TBH it's just going to get more and more intense the more you win. This game doesnt give you anything, you have to take it. I believe the sense of humility is there, but it also needs a dose of confidence in our ability as a team to get the job done.
I agree.

We are playing a game of Jenga now... We are winning and a lot of the blocks are missing.

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