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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
This post is ridiculous, you put words in my mouth and read between lines that aren't there.
Your post was all over the place. Plugging in Fast and Miller/Kreider. Trading Gaborik and Boyle. So now we have picks/prospects and a rental in Roy for Gaborik and Boyle, who are replaced with who exactly?

I don't think buying is the right move for this team, but I think the Canucks got Roy cheap, and it should have been something the Rangers should have seriously explored for that price. It's clearly a buyer's market this year, and the Rangers sit in an unfortunate spot for this to be the case.
Again, why are we wasting assets, when we have a limited amount as is, on Roy, a guy who has a history of issues and is looking for a boatload of cash in the offseason. He's a short term solution for a team that has a lot more holes than a 3C. Terrible asset management.

It's not that the Rangers aren't buying that is frustrating me. It's the fact that they're doing nothing. Excuse me for not being okay with a sneak into the playoffs year from this team, to watch them get smashed by the Penguins, Habs, or Bruins. This team's troubles have been so apparent since day one, and nothing has been done to fix them. Nothing.
So your proposal is trading for Roy? What else should they do. Who has been available at a decent price that can fix this team. We need a top 6 LW. We need a 3C. We need an entire 4th line. We need someone to pick up Staal's minutes. We need to replace Hamrlik and Eminger. One move isn't going to fix this team. They got Zucc to help the top 6. They called Kreider back up to help the bottom 6. They moved Rupp for Powe. There have been moves, maybe not what you're looking for, but how much can you truly overhaul in a season, let alone one that's only 3 months long.

Yes, I have Kreider and Miller penciled into the lineup the day after the trade deadline. Pray tell who you have there instead? I have full faith in Torts sending one of them to the Whale any minute now. Can't wait to see more of another useless player who can't put the puck in the net, why? Because this team's bottom six is trash, perhaps the worst in the league. I have them in the lineup because they are the best possible players in that position for the Rangers today. Am I happy about it? **** no. How many times have I posted that Miller didn't record a single point in the month of March, and that he's been a complete turnover machine since he got here? I wanted him back with the Whale since he got here. I've been saying forever that he's not ready. Kreider is a bit of a different story. I like Kreider's game since he has returned from the Whale this time around, but for some reason that I can't fathom, although I assume it is his play away from the puck, Torts doesn't like him/trust him in the lineup.
I completely agree with this. I want Miller down and Kreider getting ice time. But while you pencil them in, it's not realistic. I'm talking realistic options here. Kreider getting icetime is not, at this point, with Torts at the helm. It's the same way i look at Sauer ever coming back. It's not an option right now. Torts isn't going to do it. He's probably the best option in our bottom 6, but torts is an idiot.

To assume that I'm dealing Gaborik in my speculation solely for a first-round draft pick was also wrong on your part. Maybe I'm painting myself into a dark poster here, but I like to think I'm one of the more knowledgeable around these parts. I always offer solutions, rather than just screaming for heads to roll and shakeups to happen with no concrete ground to stand on.
Well your last post was kind of all over the place. I've been around these parts for a while and never joined and i know you're not an idiot. We all lose our heads a little when the team is in shambles like it is this year, but someone questioned having picks this season and you then start trading away guys like Gabby and Boyle and opening up bigger holes, while proposing no solutions.

It's not baseless speculation, how often do we see teams package later picks together for an earlier pick in a draft year? Handzus has set the market on a guy like Boyle. If Sather chooses to deal him it will be for a third or a fourth round pick.
And I don't think that's a good trade.

I think some of you have a poor vision of what you're going to see on the ice for the Rangers opening day next season. This team is going to be quite different and, IMHO, without the likes of guys like Gaborik, Richards, Boyle, Pyatt, Asham, and many others.
That's fine with me. But who's replacing them? Pyatt and Asham are garbage. Boyle is useful, like it or not, he's just overplayed by the clown. Will see about Gaborik and i think Richards is back for one more season.

If there is an opportunity to make this team better, then it should be met. Acquiring Roy for that kind of price would have made this team better, and perhaps even won them a playoff round (yes I know, conjecture and speculation).

But again, this is a kind of post that is more suited for the speculation thread, so I will end the discussion here. I'm sorry if you felt I have attacked you, or any other posters, but I got defensive because I felt I was being attacked.
It's a discussion board. We're all here because we're rangers fans. You aren't attacking me. I enjoy discussing what i think is best for the team versus what other people think is best. It gets me through my ****** work day and a lot of areas of life in general. I love hockey more than almost anything. It's why i obsess and endlessly speculate over this team. We all want this team to be the best they can be, some just have different ideas about how that should go.

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