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04-02-2013, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by dethomas07 View Post
It is hard to argue your points bc those are scary categories to be in.. we just dont have an identity.. and its tru about gabs abilities over system bc he played in the most defensive system in the NHL with Min and still had success.. your point is so true!..however the effort from him has to be better.. he paid to lead this team offensively as is Richards.. I dont think its the system as much as its these guys not being successful and contributing.. our success is based off of how well they are playing.. if our top scorer and 1c arent playing well we arent goign to go anywhere.. and Forechecking is everything in this league... if you have a good forecheck you dictate the game and you either get possession of the puck or create turn overs into chances.. thats not an issue..

but i like your points.. i think theres so much going on right now.. sooner or later somethings going to have to change..

Would you guys trade something around Gaborik, top prospect, and 3rd (FL) for Pavelski+

next year buyout richards if possible.. just thinking outside the box for fun, not that its possible..

Zuk-Pavelski-Horton (sign him)
(sign him) Torres-Boyle-Haley
That's just the type of player Gaborik is though. He's played like this since his first year here. Coming off a surgery that he is I more than expected him to have this type of up and down season this year too.

I think it'll be scary if him and Richards get going, offensively. If we have 2 offensively dangerous lines it's going to be tough to defend us in the playoffs. We'll make matching up, defensively, a terror for opposing teams.

As for forechecking, we don't have that type of team this year. We can't play that type of system and expect to be successful. We have pure offensive talent, more so than any other year here in a while. We need to attack the net, not the boards. You attack the boards when you don't have offensive talent on the ice and you want to wear out the other team. When you do have offensive talent you want to wear out the defense a different way. You don't tell Brad Richards to dump the puck in and then fight along the boards. That's not what you're paying him to do, or Gaborik, or Kreider, or Nash. You pay pesky 3rd and 4th liners to do that. Unfortunately, Miller isn't conditioned or experienced enough yet to be that type of player, nor should he conform because our team has a need for that type of player... Pyatt is too slow to be an effective forechecker... Asham is too inconsistent with his efforts to be an effective forechecker... Boyle is a good forechecker but he needs to be on the 4th line with players who have similar traits to his. Why he is on the 3rd line with (for example) Richards and Kreider, or (even worse) Pyatt and Hagelin, is absolutely beyond me. It's bad asset management and it shows Torts is not adjusting well to the players he actually has. I'd love for our bottom 2 lines to have an effective forecheck, but its just not happening with this personnel.

As for identity, you hit the nail on the head. These guys don't fight for each other. Last year you messed with one Ranger, you messed with them all. Del Zotto got cross checked? Ok, Rupp will physically pull the dude who did it out of the refs hands and just unload haymakers to the face. Dubinsky got his nose broken? Ok next game we'll start Stu Bickel to break the other dudes nose. They fought for each other night in and night out. This year? Nope. Chris Neil will do everything short of stabbing Ryan McDonough and no one did a thing about it. Why'd we sign you Aaron Asham? Hank gets bullied in the crease all the time. Nothing's done about it. We need more glue guys, unfortunately, we a) don't have enough of them in our system or on the team and b) Torts doesn't keep them around for too long when they get here (Haley + Newbury - the only 2 guys willing to stick up for team mates keep being sent to the AHL). Additionally, this team camaraderie would have been expedited if Tortorella knew how to keep lines consistent and develop a team feel. He can't even do that properly. He changes lines every 2 periods, he kills players' confidence, and he forces players to play out of their skill set.

There are guys that aren't contributing, that is 100% true, but our coach is assisting and enabling that big time.

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