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08-16-2006, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by The_Eck View Post
The whole trade rumor debacle involving Malkin and the habs was in large part due to Stock having nothing else to talk about in the sports world. So....due to his poor brain power and lack of intellect he felt the need to stir up a topic that will get montrealers to call in his radio show.

I'm betting he was thinking to himself 'hmmmmm....malkin has been in the news lately. Oh I know, i'll make up a trade rumor involving malkin and the habs. That'll fill in the couple of hours of my show...'

I hope my fellow montrealers are not buying into his stupidity. This guy is just as bad as Eklund IMO. I've listened to him only once and never again did i tune into his show.
oh please we have enough threads on this stupid rumor

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