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04-02-2013, 01:11 PM
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Haven't even put my new SSD in the computer before I've managed to **** something up

Got a new 2TB regular 7200rpm drive alongside the new SSD, decided to put it into the computer beforehand so I could move everything important from my old system HDD over to it before I replace that with the SSD. Of course Seagate sent me to the wrong guide so I ended up installing Windows on the non-system drive.

So computer people, how do I completely reformat a harddrive without installing Windows on it? I tried the disk manager in XP, but the computer still finds two installs of XP while booting so I'm guessing that doesn't wipe files related to a Windows installation. All "how to"-guides I can find by googling only talk about what to do when you want to reformat and install Windows, which I absolutely do not want to do.

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