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08-16-2006, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by The_Eck View Post
FYI, i am not a radio host. But since PJ stock is, he should provide more insightful commentary than some ridiculous trade rumor.

let me be more clear . pj stock played in the nhl and has been around the leauge . he has alot of PERSONAL friends that continue to play in the leauge today .

nothing to do with him being a radio host..

all i am sayin is you seem to wanna call pj stock down
but as i ask you before do you currently have acess to saku's phone number ? i dont think you do . could you call samsanov up and get him to go out for a beeer with you? i doubt you could ...pj stock can sit down and talk to his friends for as long as he wants .

you on the other hand would be lucky to get 25 seconds of saku's time for a autograph ..

atleast stock has contacts in the nhl . you are just a anynmous poster claiming pj stock has no credibility .im not sayin he does or he doesnt but he would have to have more than you .

all im saying ...

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