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04-02-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
A lot of people have no idea why the Rangers asked him to return.

Torts: "Alright Zuke, you're here to improve on our offense, so I'll give you heavy minutes. But if you have 3 penalties in a game you're outta here" HAHA

It was an accident based on wrong ref call and lack of information. I believe we'll never see Zucc add 6 penalty minutes in one game again. Remember he only had 2 during his entire stay last time.
I have probably missed this, but why? From the Rangers Front Office point of view he was a no risk/high reward - project.

They had his rights to the cost of nothing and paying him "nothing" the reminder of the season. Why wouldnt they try a healthy guy in shape just finnished his season in the worlds second best league? If it doesnt work out, who cares? If it does --> yay

From The Rangers point of view, it was a no brainer the moment Mats' said yes.

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