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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
It looks like the WHCL actually had the majority of the offensive talent. The three players you listed above are the only guys who could crack the top-10s when the leagues merged.
Both Foyston and Morris came to the end of their respective primes just before the merger. The PCHA was starting to thin out a bit towards the end there, you are right, which is probably one of the major reasons why the Patricks decided on realignment and consolidation. I can buy the argument that the leagues were equal in 1923-24, and the WCHL may have even been a bit better given the fact that Calgary beat the PCHA champ in the playoffs. But before that, no way was the WCHL as good - not with Foyston, Morris, MacKay and Frederickson all in their primes.

The WCHL looks like it was much deeper than the PCHL at that time. Art Gagne, Harry Oliver, and Charlie McVeigh all had good NHL careers, with multiple times on the leaderboard. That's not a bad secondary wave of offensive guys.
- Art Gagne came to the NHL at the age of 29 and had one respectable offensive season with 30 points, which was good for 79% of the #2 scorer.

- Harry Oliver came to the NHL at the age of 28, and put up seasons of 79% and 66% of the #2 scorer before fading into obscurity.

- Timothy "Rabbit" McVeigh's only appearances on NHL leaderboards were in the games played column.

I shouldn't have to remind you what guys like Foyston and Morris did to NHL teams in their primes.

A guy like Corb Denneny, who went back and forth between the leagues, showed that the offensive talent is comparable between the NHL and WCHL.
Corb Denneny never cracked 80% of the #2 scorer in the NHL, either. In his one good year in the WHL, he was at 91% of the #2 scorer in that league.

Keats and Hay both produced in the NHL.
Between the two of them, their best scoring percentages in the NHL are:

90, 66, 66, 62, 61, 53

Hay's big season was actually the only time that any of these players ever broke the 80% scoring barrier in the NHL.

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