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04-02-2013, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Gustafsson View Post
When was the last time in a salary cap era 2 young, emerging star players under 21 years old and younger (with small cap hits) were traded for two players combining for 12.6 mil cap hit? You overrate Vanek and Myers. This is not NHL13. Finances and cap hits play a huge part in making trades these days. There is a benefit for the Sabres freeing up close to 13 mil in salary.
If you consider the production that Schenn and Couturier have achieved has made them star players, then Myers is in the same category.

Myers is 23 years old.Won the Calder Trophy during a season he started at 19.He put up 48 points as a rookie, and 37 points the season after that.In Myers first 162 career games he put up 85 points.In Schenn AND Couturier's 207 combined games played between the two of them,They have put up 77 career points.Might I remind you that Tyler Myers is a defenseman.In 45 less games, Myers scored 8 more points.If you want to call Schenn and Couturier emerging stars, then Myers absolutely is one also.

Yes, Myers was injured his 3rd season and he has underachieved all this year.But he is still only 23 and has already put up 2 seasons as a legit #1 defenseman.In fact, Myers is one of the main reasons Ryan Miller won his Vezina.Myers was a stud his rookie year, and was far more impressive then either Schenn or Couturier were in their rookie years (or 2nd and 3rd years).Myers has proven to be a legit top pairing d-man more often then not, so there is no reason to discredit his accomplishments or potential.He is still young for a defenseman and has a wealth of experience and production already.Look at guys like Chara at 23 and compare what Myers has done.Not saying he will be as good as Chara only showing that d-men take longer to fully develop.Even if Myers doesn't become the 60+ point physical d-man that we all wanted him to be after his rookie year I would still be happy if he put up his rookie year production, a smooth skating 50 point d-man who is sound in all facets in the game.The Sabres are trying to make him into Chara, when he was already a Scott Niedermayer type player.And I'm fine with that.

And now we get to Thomas Vanek.You think the Sabres are going to get rid of a guy who has never failed to score atleast 25 goals in every season?!?Thomas Vanek not only has the 3rd most goals for a LW since the 05-06 season, he also has the 7th most goals in that time span.Thomas Vanek's .43 gpg avergae is the 10th highest among all active players.His gpg the last 5 years is even higher then Jarome Iginla's is.He is a legitimate elite goal scorer and a top 5 LW.You think we want Matt Read and Erik Gustaffson for Thomas Vanek

First off, Matt Read is only 2 years younger then Vanek.He has never scored 50 points in a season and averages 48 points per 82 games.Vanek averages 20 more points per 82 games and far more goals.Gustafsson is no more then a 3rd pairing d-man currently and turns 25 this year.So again, if we are dealing our best player and an elite goal scorer, why are the 2 players coming back 26 and 24?I would want players in their teens or early 20's.The funny thing is, even at their advanced age neither Matt Read or Erik Gustafsson have much NHL experience.They have played a career total of 155 career games combined.Tyler Myers had 7 more games played by the age of 21. So yes, you are trying to turn your B Rate Players and Prospects into elite talent/production.

A mid 1st is nice but is nowhere near enough to want to trade our best player and top scorer and a young Calder Winning future #1 d-man.You want those 2, it's Couturier, Schenn and that 1st.Myers is worth more then Couturier and Vanek is worth more then Schenn by himself.The 1st balances it.If you wouldn't give up your top youngsters why should the Sabres give their 2 most valuable players?

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