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04-02-2013, 03:09 PM
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It's great that you went to game. I saw the game on TV. Yeah, I know people say "oh it's easier to follow the play when you're there live", but I see plenty of things just fine on TV, especially with DVR. Boyle is playing a lot better as of late. He made two blunders in the first period last night, but was better the rest of the way. He's forechecking and getting into the play unlike in the beginning of the year, where he was a complete passenger.

I'd prefer Boyle as my 4th line C - but, in a third line role, with good players, it's not the end of the world. Boyle has been playing with a multitude of random bodies switching in and out of the lineup, unlike last year, where he was pretty much with Prust/Fedotenko/Dubinsky the entire season. Clowe/Hagelin is an upgrade on all 3 of those players.

Regarding Nystrom - he's an upgrade to the bottom-6 that shouldn't cost much. He's tough and can provide a spark offensively. Prust-lite. I would love to acquire him. Especially if it meant dumping Bland Pyatt.
Personally, I think it's easier to watch a game on TV. I had season tickets growing up (for about 15 years) so I've been to upwards of like 500 NHL games. There's nothing like being at a game, but you catch a lot more on TV.

As for the fans at the game, the majority of them are either A) morons or B) drunk off their *****. So i'm going to ignore the scouting report Bardof heard from "a bunch of guys in his section," and stick to my evaluation of a player based on following hockey since i've been born.