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04-02-2013, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by ToastCharger View Post
What do you guys usually look for in players for the draft? I usually go with who my Head Scout gives 5 stars to but they usually bust...
The draft and watching prospects develop is my favorite part of this game! Normally what I do first is set up the scouts to try and get the best coverage for prospects. I'll try and remember how I set them up:

-north america (16 to 19 year olds)
-Scandinavia (16- 19 year olds)
-youth prospects (2 scouts)
-entry draft (use my head scout for this)

I tend to try and draft Canadian/US/Swedish/Finnish/Swiss players with the odd Russian, Norwegian or Czech.

I try to have all of the scouts in those fields have high judge of potential, high judge of ability, and good ability to work with youngsters.

I'll have my top few guys scout the top 100 prospects or so individually at each of the ISS rankings.

Then for actually drafting players I look at their projected roles and player comparisons. Try and find the highest projected player who plays like a player I want on my team.

Usually try and get players with high determination and consistency as they tend to develop quicker. If two players are both projected to be top line players in play styles that I like I'll see who has better technical, physical, etc stats and see who I like better from that. Usually try and get one or two guys in the last few rounds with sweet names from Norway or Switzerland haha.

I don't just draft whoever my head scout/assistant gm/head coach recommend. When it's my turn to draft I look at about 20 or so players still on the board and look for whoever I like best. Usually isn't who they recommend, sometimes I want to fill an organizational need or have identified a guy who I want earlier than what he is ranked.

Edit: Also even though they may be projected to be a first line player, if their play style is similar to Shawn Thornton I don't draft them, I try and find first line potential players who play similar to actual first line players.

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