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08-17-2006, 05:37 AM
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Originally Posted by hunjeebakala View Post
being extremely tall is not good for a hockey player. guys like chara and gill get beat one on one so often, that it makes your head spin. especially in the new 'zero tolerance' era of the NHL, big hulking guys that can't really skate are effected tremendously. there's not many guys that are over 6'4 and can skate like the wind (right now, only jay bouwmeester comes to mind, perhaps lecavalier). so in essence i hope maxwell stops growing.
He's 6' now, so it's unlikely that he will even get to 6'4. As far as I have read, he's one of the fastests NA players drafted, so I doubt that growing 2-3 inches will compromise his speed too much. That said, I don't believe that size at the expense of skill is really useful, especially in the current game. I'm not really mesmerized by this aspect of typical HFboards player evaluation. I'm simply indicating that this factor may make Maxwell even more under-rated than he otherwise is, assuming as I said above that he retains his current speed and agility.

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