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04-02-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by mossey3535 View Post
I disagree with the idea that Higgins signed for less though. Cap is going down by $6M*30 teams - that's $180M just on the ceiling.

Meanwhile, according to capgeek there's $388M of UFA and $282M of RFA coming up in the offseason.

Even if I cut it off at players who make $1M minimum (assuming guys under that salary are 100% bubble and might not even make the NHL anyways) I get $267M and $89M respectively.

Let's say the RFA's don't count and the UFA's are all re-signed at a number proportional to the decrease in the cap ceiling - 64.3/70.2 = 8.5% haircut.

So Higgins would probably make more like $1.74M on the open market going by that.

Not a good time to be a free agent in the next two years.
All that math, you just have to look at what Scottie Upshall, Joel Ward, Sean Bergenheim, Tomas Kopecky all signed for 2-3 years ago when the cap was comparable.

Higgins was already here cheap, and would have gotten paid on the open market, that is how free agency works.

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