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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
There's a reason this guy was a good salesman. There are all kinds of people like this in the world of finance, which is why our financial industry crashed a few years ago.
... ya. Huckster's who havent got the slightest clue what their doing to the market with their derivative trading for example?. And I mean NO CLUE?! Professional gamblers using OPM? And when it all blows sky high; Government bailouts. And then, in quite possibly the most despicable act of all, as if they already shouldnt be shot, they turnaround & with the banking industry set-up tax default divisions. Squadrons of morally bankrupt Ghouls out riding through the storms they themselves wrought picking off choice residential & commercial properties fallen into tax arrears to the very people they themselves initially financed to purchase the properties in the first place, or at one time held in blocks that they'd previously bundled, pumped & then dumped on unsuspecting investors through various Hedge Funds & Brokerage Houses. "Wealth Management" Guru's. Grifters and....

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