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12-27-2003, 06:37 AM
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Originally Posted by mark0v
i am not so far to Mgill University and paiy 650 $/ month for a 2 bedrooms +kitchen +living room .I know i am really paying lower than the common price but i saw twice appartements to rent at 800 $ 2 weeks ago ...and i am in the area call '' Mile-End '' just close to the montain ;it's a really nice place .....

the common price for a 2 bedroom is more around 1000-1200$ / mnth , but if you search , you could deal like 800-900$ in this area .If you go more on the north , it's a little bit cheaper...
Welcome in Montreal Hemskyfan,

Here some advice if you want to enjoy your stay. Yes it's true that rent are far lower in Montreal then anywhere else in Canada. If you go outside of the "English Neighbours" it's even cheaper. Anyway you wont talk a lot with your immediate neighboor in a big city like Montreal. If you go on the east side of the city you can have a 3 bedroom+kitchen+Living Room + washroom for 500-600$. The Mcgill area is just hype because most of the International student that are residing there are already saving a lot of money by going to a Canadian university that paying 1000-1200$ for a room is not that bad for their parents (those who pay the bill). The Mile-End is a really nice place but is more costy then the other place because of the mountain.

As Markov said, if you go a little bit up north... (by the way with the subway you dont really need to live downtown) it's cheaper. I dont really know the ethnic situation in Edmonton (it's not racism just information) but if you dont want to mix with other cultures then avoid the north. Otherwise it's a pretty nice place because ethnics montrealer tend to create small community and they will often invite you to small party.. good if you dont know a lot of people here.

There is also "The Plateau"... was basically a artist place... now more and more a yuppy place. It's a good place to live if you prefer the bohemian style of life.. there is a lot of small shop where you can buy anything and a lot of small cafe and night club.

As for not speaking french this is the least of your problem. Learn 4-5 little words like, "Merci", S'ils-vous-plait", "Désoler", "Bonjour" and a simple smile and you will be received like a god since a lot of people in Montreal dont even know/use simple polite word like that.

Other then that.....have fun..

Personnaly I would recommand you to go outside of the big city, I live in a 40K pop. Bilingual city called Chateauguay, just 10 minutes Bus/Car from Montreal. Population is 50% english 50% french and it may be less disorienting then Montreal (also rent are even cheaper). But if you want the real Shebang then stay in Montreal, you wont even need a car there.

My 2 Cents.

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