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12-27-2003, 06:41 AM
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Originally Posted by GoCoyotes
This point has been brought up in this thread and around here before, but I totally agree, too many teams are playing to tie, not to win.

I think the NHL should abandone the current point system for the standings and go strictly to wins, no points for ties or OTL, etc. Just count the wins on the standings to determine them. They could still play OT to try to decide the game, and I think it'd actually increase the results of games being won instead of tied. Basically, the team is going to lose if they don't win, where as now there is the 2nd prize of the tie. Teams will compete harder to get that win, because otherwise they end up with nothing. OT would be more competitive too because teams would look at it as their last chance to salvage the game, the desperation would be appropriate.
So, basically you're suggesting they should go with a true winning percentage system where a tie is counted as a loss because it's not a win.

Hmm.. not sure if I like it or not.