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Originally Posted by deftones1986 View Post
Is there ANY realistic way we could trade + be in position to get Jones & Nurse??

Don't just flame, I mean I'm ready to see some young highly respected D-men on this team and I'd be willing to give up most of our "untouchables" to do this, but I'm not so sure any of you would be.

I'd do something like 2013 2nd + 2014 1st + Read/Couturier


2013 1st (Draft Jones)

Then at #4 or 5 we take Nurse

Flat Out INSANE?
Absolutely insane. Way too much to move up in the draft. We have to first figure out where we ill be drafting before we can even think about moving up in the draft. If the Flyers finish out of the playoffs and are in the top 5, I say just take the BPA. Barkov, Lindholm, Drouin, Mackinnon, Nurse, would all be there. I just hope if we do struggle and miss the playoffs, somehow we win the lottery.

You are giving up way too much to move up a couple spots in the draft though.

EDIT: Missed that you didn't have our first in there. We won't get two top 5 picks in this draft! Lol there is probably a better chance of us winning the lottery than us getting two top 5ers without giving up our own.

EDIT#2: Say we are sitting 4th overall. Whoever has #1 is willing to move down because they are trying to stock pile more and more picks in this years deep draft. Going off previous deals in drafts(of course not for the top picks though) we would probably have to include our 2nd rounder and maybe 4th. Maybe a pick from the next year along with our 1st overall. There is so many variables though you just can't get a feel of what can happen yet.

Say Calgary gets 1st overall

Flyers trade #4+2nd rounder(35th)+4th(2014)
#1 overall

Does it make it happen, I have no clue, but teams usually don't move a bunch of players or prospects at the draft to move up. It generally is done with draft picks.

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