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04-02-2013, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by HooliganX2 View Post
As a Blues fan I am glad to see him coming over to the Flames. I hope he does well for you guys. It would be great if he could be a #1 goalie in the NHL.

Kind of frustrates me some other Blues fans come in here and try to talk it down. Who gives a crap if Calgary ends u getting good value and the trade works out well for the and them Blues don't win the trade.

I personally like seeing trades that help both teams out and are a win win for both teams.

BTW I don't think Feaster is nearly as bad as everyone seems to think he is. He has to get what he can get in the market. Bouwmeesters contract was pretty high and the cap was going down. Iginla basically choose his team because of the NMC. Feaster will most likely be gone but in 4-5 years the Flames should be nearing the end of a rebuild and may be a team on the rise. It's about time they did a rebuild.
I agree with this statement. The return isn't awful, especially when your hands are tied with NMC's. The aspect of Feaster I have a problem with is how he tries to spin things. He plays all coy like he knows things about prospects no one else does.

He had the gall to say Berra is one of the two best goalies outside the NHL.
He has the gall to guarantee playoff berths with highly questionable rosters.
He has the gall to say Jankowski is going to be the best player in the 2012 draft.
He has the gall to call out other franchises, when his own is in shambles.
He huffs and puffs and tries to blow our collective houses down, but this market isn't hockey illiterate. We resent being sold a bill of goods. How is it not a rebuild when you trade your franchise player, a top pairing defenseman and you're doing it for futures?
I just wish Jay would be honest and stop BSing all the time. The fact is, we got 4 marginal (at best) prospects. No one really likes them, that's why they were available. The guys that are great prospects couldn't be had because we didn't have the leverage with the Pens and refused to eat salary with JBo.

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