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08-17-2006, 11:25 AM
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i started my daughter as soon as she turned 3. she started off in figure skates. the next year she cried and said she wanted 'black and white' skates like us, so we bought her easton z-air comps. she's had that brand for 3 yrs now and loves them. i have heard they are a little hard to break in but, as was previously stated, they tend to grow out of them before they break them in.

i think all kids have attention span problems...doesn't mean they don't enjoy the sport though. now that she is playing hockey(age 5-6)you can tell that the early lessons helped give her an edge over the other kids.

i would avoid getting cheap skates because they may not provide the proper ankle support. if you have a skate shop, i would suggest you take your kid there and try on a few pairs. many brands have their own nike/bauer/mission are for narrow footed people and easton is for a wider foot (i think..trying to remember), so it isn't always about 'easy to break in'..its simply about 'does it fit or not'. or, if you are like me and do not have a skate shop, you can always shop online and hope the fit is right. good luck

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