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04-02-2013, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by cramdizzl View Post
Screw it, give me Jarvis Jones, maybe we could even trade back and still get him, then whatever QB they're aiming for.
(Nassib. Aside: I think its a bit of a smokescreen that they're bringing in all these QB's, and bringing in Nassib last if I recall correctly, because I think they're going to target him in the late first, early second.)

Jones is an absolute baller, and if we can move down and acquire more picks, more power to us.
He would make this defense absolutely dynamic! So many versatile players.
Just imagine a 4:3 front of:


Lawson/Bradham-Sheppard-Jarvis Jones/Anderson

Or a 3:4 front of:



Dareus and Mario coming from one side, with Anderson and Meatball coming from the other?
Holy ****
O-coordinators would have fits trying to scheme for us. One of the other Cornerbacks develops into a solid #2, and this defense looks meeeeeeeean.
Who is "Meatball"? haha

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