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04-02-2013, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Daz28 View Post
If Kolb was taking double the pressures Fitz was, it's amazing he did ANYTHING. Fitz took a lot of hits last year(many ala Pears), and showed a ton of toughness playing through it. I'm going to give Kolb a chance to prove himself before I do any bashing. You can't, repeat can't do any worse than a QB that defenses are aware can't throw down-field. Now, if Kolb is to succeed(not just do ok), then we're going to need pass protection. I think a lot of fans greatly exaggerated how good our line was, especially as protectors. It's no wonder our screen game was so good, the defenders EXPECTED to walk right past them.

...and Kyle Moore. I think he's still a UFA, but I can't see us going into camp w/o him as a depth player. If he continues to learn, and continues to improve, he may force himself into the lineup.
I thought he was an RFA but i'm not positive. I think this will make Carrington a FG blocking player only.

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