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04-02-2013, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by SpaceCowboy View Post
He may have been the best in on the rush, but his numbers didn't reflect that. He's a good player no doubt, but this team needs secondary scoring. It's proven that the Sedins/Burrows can't do everything. Hansen/Higgins and Raymond are too good on defensive 2way play to be playing hard minutes at both ends constantly. (Though they've been doing it.)

Fact of the matter is, he may play hard and be the best on the ice but his numbers in points doesn't reflect that. We need someone that scores and that's the issue. At 4.2million per he's making more then some of our truly important players that took hometown discounts.

Also on those saying trade him for picks and prospects, we're not going to get much. I agree it's the move that needs to happen as *something* is better then nothing, but we're not going to be getting anything fantastic for him. He's injury prone, and has been low on the points since arriving. He seems like a nice guy but unfortunately he's not meant for our 2nd Line.
I disagree with all of this. I don't think the guy has ever had a fair chance. Last year he starts getting into his groove only to get kneed by Kevin Porter, and never had a chance to get up to speed afterwards, not to mention playing with a Kesler with only one arm. This year he gets a freak groin injury and a freak ankle injury, in between which he plays like an absolute champ and against all odds no pucks go in for him. Give him one full, healthy season, and I think everyone changes their tune.

Additonally, he's the perfect fit for the 2nd line. The point of the 2nd line, the reason it's good, is that it is capable of taking on the opponents' top line so that the Sedins don't have to deal with them. The reason the Sedins aren't scoring as much right now is precisely because they're facing the other team's best players - coming out ahead in AT ALL in that matchup is a win. Booth is one of the best possession players in the league even when he's not scoring, Kesler is a premier defensive forward, and when playing with them, Higgins also excels in that area of the game. Facing them basically means you don't have the puck the majority of the time.

It gets even better for this short period because you have two offensively talented lines - the Roy line and the Sedin line - that can demolish the other team's bottom 9, while the Kesler line shuts down their big guns possession-wise. Booth facilitates this. Unfortunately, he and Kes are hurt so we don't get to see it, at least not until the playoffs.

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