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12-27-2003, 07:11 AM
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welcome to the 514 area bro. ok, whereas i will agree about the rent beeing the cheapest, i dont agree with the fact that not speaking french is not a problem, and here's why: it really depends on what kind of job ull be looking for. if u have a degree in engineering (say) then no sweat. but if u basically just have a high school degree or something like that, then it will definitely be harder. most jobs have a basic requirement, and that's to understand/speak french at about 50% capacity (also depending on the job). so do urself a favor, watch french tv and try to practice as much as possible, this will only benefit u.

i agree with everyone else from the point of view as to how great montreal is, but im having more and more difficulty dealing with something. and that's politics of Quebec. U see, even though im a francophone, im getting really sick of the PQ's antics and all the ******** this party is stirring up. plus, the rest of Canada doesnt like dealing with QC, and Ottawa is really sick of having to deal with them too (budget cuts, funds refusal etc) so im even contemplating the leaving of the province, especially if another referendum is gonna go down. i have no problem with the referendum, but not for the reasons these people are using for it. but one thing is for sure, this is a great city, with some very unfortunate dummies running it....oh, and stay clear of the evil palace of death aka, the casino...(man, im sounding terribly bitter...)

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