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04-02-2013, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by bootsgaudet View Post
The guy asked for some names so thats what i gave him... any of those guys could be available for the right price, rumour mill or not.

and no man, im not talking about making a trade for the sake of making a trade, we need to add somthing at this deadline in order to remain competitive add one more piece to our puzzle. Goc would help in a way, i have a certain feel this would be the perfect situation for him and he wouldnt cost the bank to get.

Hf boards is really just for homers for the teams.

We are in a slump 4-4-2... we beat dallas not even in playoff contention, only challenging opponent in the next two weeks is LA. Hel

We need to add an element to the roster to compete with (healthy blackhwask with sharp and hossa and now handuz) (bolsterd st louis with Jbow and leopold now on the back end) Vancouver now adding a legitatme 2nd line centre in roy and if and when they deal luo some tangible assets there.)

La certainly is not goign to be walked over, nor is detriot(seeing as they just beat us back to back) and SJ even with out clowe is going to be tough again back to back loses to them.

We need somthing to add to our top 4 d or 2nd line centre or both if possible

Every other team in the running has done somthing significant other than the ducks.

No point to be complacent now, why waste a strong played season on anything but as far as we can make it... its been rough the last 3 seasons, this team needs a long run.. in order to better attract people to not stay here on a rental basis... its that simple...
You're the only homer. You think Goc is a #2 center. You'd trade Sbisa for a rental. Want me to keep going?

Do you remember our deadline additions when we won the cup?

Murray wants to improve the team, but he's not going to overpay.

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