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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
We are not talking about a Mensa member here.
Pretty strange. He expects to be in Glendale tomorrow, given a tour of the arena, meet with the Mayor, neither Nealey nor Weiers (who hadnt even heard of him) aware of such. I mean c'mon here. He's just gonna show up casually without any appointments or whatever? How could you possibly have been doing your due dilly for 6 months as he states yet never apparently even visited before nor even had a single conversation with the teams President & the Mayor of the City? A few tweets & text messages with Bill Daly's hardly doing ones due diligence. ... Heck, one night just for fun I sent Daly a tweet, then got into it with him about the Scoville Scale. Used to measure the heat in chili peppers, having opened the conversation with him about chicken wings. Guy thinks he's some kinda expert on the subject. Well, you got another think coming Billy... anyway, point being, had I broached the subject of the Coyotes, had the resources & interest, damn straight Daly wouldve been more than amenable, taken the conversation off-line, followed up. Its not like theres a moat, draw bridge, iron barred gates and fire breathing dragons keeping anyone monied away for a close up peek or long look as the case may be.

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