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Originally Posted by tony d View Post
Everyone, your Baltimore Blades Roster for 2013:

Baltimore Blades

Head Coach: Pat Burns

Cy Denneny-Bobby Clarke (C)-Rod Gilbert
Dean Prentice-Adam Oates -Peter Bondra
J.P. Parise-Brent Sutter-Dirk Graham
Ryan Smyth-Jonathan Toews-Milan Hejduk

Spares:Gerard Gallant (LW), Alexander Almetov (C)

Tim Horton (A)-Jan Suchy
Craig Hartsburg-Red Horner (A)
Steve Smith-Phil Russell
Spares: Doug Bodger (D), Dave Langevin (D)

Roy Worters
Evgeni Nabokov

Special Teams:

PP 1: Cy Denneny-Adam Oates-Rod Gilbert-Jan Suchy-Peter Bondra
PP 2: Dean Prentice-Bobby Clarke-Milan Hejduk-Craig Hartsburg-Tim Horton

PK 1: Dirk Graham-Bobby Clarke-Tim Horton-Red Horner
PK 2: Dean Prentice-Brent Sutter-Jan Suchy-Phil Russell
Denneny-Clarke-Gilbert is an excellent first line. Clarke will play hard all over the ice and set the tone, and he has a pair of skilled wingers to work with. If Pat Burns liked having Doug Gilmour leading his team in the early 90s, he'll love Bobby Clarke.

Prentice-Oates-Bondra should work well for a second line. Oates liked to pass, Bondra liked to score. Prentice can do everything else. Despite Prentice's checking abilities and Oates' responsible defensive play, I think this line is average defensively at most. Bondra was a negative in that area, Oates had skating as a weakness, and Prentice wasn't that good to make it up. Not a big deal - it's a second line.

Parise-Sutter-Graham is a really tough, hard-working group. Not elite defensively, but good defensively and hard working. They won't contribute much offensively at this level.

Smyth-Toews-Hejduk is more of a scoring fourth line, but Smyth and Toews have been good two-way players as well.

Overall it's a strong group of forwards. The top two lines will carry the scoring load, but every line seems to work on its own and also fill a role.

Horton-Suchy is an interesting top pairing. Good balance of offense and defense. Horton may have to play more of a stay at home role here.

Horton may end up having to come to Bobby Clarke's rescue more than he'd prefer, by the way. I don't see many fighters among the forwards, and Red Horner won't always be on the ice.

Hartsburg-Horner is fine. The skilled, injury-prone Hartsburg will be protected by the tough, penalty-prone Horner.

Steve Smith and Phil Russell form a solid bottom pairing. Nothing exciting here, at least Pat Burns hopes so.

Hartsburg is injury-prone enough that Bodger or Langevin will probably get into a few

Worters gets more love each draft, and probably deserves it. Can a 5'3" goaltender win the ATD? We'll see.

The PP and PK are both well-constructed given the roster. The first PP unit should run through Adam Oates and his playmaking, with four other skilled players who can score (and three who can pass ). Similarly, the second unit should run through Bobby Clarke. On the PK, Clarke is a great piece to have.

But overall I think the team will be stronger at even strength than on special teams. Neither special teams unit stands out with any high-end players, except for maybe Clarke on the PK. Burns was a fine coach but is average at this level. Worters isn't going to make a penalty kill on his own. Actually, now that I think of it, your team has one strength on special teams - strong face-off skills from all centres.

Strong, well balanced entry overall, Tony.

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