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Originally Posted by Franck View Post

Got a new 2TB regular 7200rpm drive alongside the new SSD, decided to put it into the computer beforehand so I could move everything important from my old system HDD over to it before I replace that with the SSD. Of course Seagate sent me to the wrong guide so I ended up installing Windows on the non-system drive.

So computer people, how do I completely reformat a harddrive without installing Windows on it? I tried the disk manager in XP, but the computer still finds two installs of XP while booting so I'm guessing that doesn't wipe files related to a Windows installation. All "how to"-guides I can find by googling only talk about what to do when you want to reformat and install Windows, which I absolutely do not want to do.
Let me see if I have this right, you have some older HD with XP on it? A new 2TB drive, and a new SSD? You want the OS on the SSD and the 2TB drive to have no OS? Once the 2TB drive has no OS you want to store all your files on it from your old drive?

While installing XP to your SSD, I believe you can configure other file systems you are not installing on.

At this screen:

From there, delete the partition of the windows copy you don't want. Then proceed to create your new install on the SSD. Just make sure you don't delete the partition of something you want.

Also, unless you have a limited amount of SATA ports you can keep your old drive anyway.

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