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Originally Posted by naurutger View Post

From OEL
That's cool. Makes more sense, too. Someone mentioned 5,000 fans being an adequate number, and that had me puzzled. But 18,000 fans average makes sense.

As far as flow, I know what you mean, but so many games I've watched were decided in the first 45 minutes. If a goal is scored by half time, that's pretty much it, with the leading team going all defense. If not, players will get tired and a tie becomes very likely.

Also, the amount of diving drives me crazy.

From XX

Precisely why I don't watch unless it's the Olympics or World Cup. I don't like Tier 1 soccer in most countries so why would I pay to go watch Tier 2 U.S. soccer?
Because its there. Because they play right here in our city. I use to live in Germany, my scarf collection is up around 200 ... stadiums visited. Watching on satellite tv at 8am isn't as much fun as going to a live game and standing and yelling with your friends. One man's opinion.

Originally Posted by DirtyOldMan View Post
Last fall I attended two soccer matches in person: a Champions League group stage game at Emirates with Arsenal hosting Montpellier of France... and the other one, the first MLS game I'd ever attended, DC United @ Portland Timbers. Guess which one had the better crowd, imho?

The action on the field was... adequate, but the atmosphere - I would kill to have an atmosphere like that in Glendale.
Seattle / Portland are the best, but Salt Lake, Philly and Houston are good too. The more the sport grows, the better every town will get.

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