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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
Of course it's not a perfect metric by any means, and it does generalize all shot as being equal. But you mostly watch our games, and no one has really made a persuasive argument thus far as to how it is that we are the ones giving up more quality chances than other teams, despite the lower total shots allowed.

Plus, what you mention as standard positioning and anticipating the play is goaltending. No one is asking for Bryz to make awesome saves all errday. No one cares whether he gets over to the other side quicker, is in better position, keeps his glove in a better position, keeps his five-hole closed etc. and then makes the save look like an easy one rather than having to sprawl and flash gloves to compensate for a mistake he made otherwise. I mean, some of the saves he should've made are made to look easy by other goalies. And they add up. I think he can't be blamed for most goals, but like Appleton has mentioned, if every fifth game he was in better positioning or whatever and wouldn't have allowed a soft goal, things would be entirely different. I was just watching the Predators vs. Colorado highlights and there was one play where Varlamov got over to the other side of the crease in lightning speed, and he made the save that followed look easy. But if he was slower he'd have to lunge and then of course people would've said he couldn't have gotten that one.

I like Bryz and also think he's slightly better than what his stats show. But hey, you know what? That might be irrationality in me talking. There is absolutely no reason to believe that other than that I'm biased by actually liking the guy and following the Flyers. It might be true, but usually the save percentage is heavily correlated with how good goalies are. Look at Rinne. Started off great, had a high save percentage, then started letting in stinkers here and there, and he's back to the real world. On the other hand, Bobrovsky looked decent, but nothing spectacular in the beginning, and his numbers were also quite average. He starts playing well and it is reflected in his stats. Sure, there's always going to be outliers, but I don't think a case has been made here why Bryz would be one.
um we take a retarded amount of penalties. we kill a lot of penalties but we still take em and get scored on too. the team in front is ridiculously inconsistent. i'm not saying lets give him a raise, all bleeding heart for bryzgalov. I'm just hatin the haters. i think bryzgalov has had some really good games this year. i don't think he gets credit on this thread. therefore we argue. its fun. as far as making a definitive case one way or the other, everyone's just talking out their funghoul, including me. i want to stick with the summer 2011 plan. its not done yet. F luke schenn.

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