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04-02-2013, 09:44 PM
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The Redden in last nights game is how many people had to come to defend this garbage player without using any logic or reasoning whatsoever. Until he does something besides suck this year people should shut up about defending him. They don't NEED to shut up b/c this is a place to express opinion and debate but if they don't even attempt to provide reason or logic they prob should shut up b/c he deserves every ounce of criticism he gets no matter how irrational if or overdramatic as long as they aren't ridiculous death threats which obviously would be moronic of someone to post. Hell earlier this year people bombarded his twitter anonymously and I was very vocal about how idiotic I think that is and I still believe it is despite how much I hate him as an entertainment figure this year.

He picked up last year and did well. Still overpaid and overrated based on what I'd heard (which is the definition of overrated when someone fails to come close to matching the performance that everyone predicts for someone) but worth his contract including the crippling future we all knew was coming. This year the crippling future came about 4 years too early. If people think he legit will return to PP QB 80 pt form next year fine I have no arguement and I pray he does. But simply whining that he shouldn't be picked on this year based on his actual performance?:

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Would have been nice to see Brad not be so selfless and score that easy empty net goal rather than looking to pass the puck. He definitely appears to be picking up his game recently though and hopefully he can get hot at the right time.
He picked up his game and started being noticeable out there after returning from his Buff injury. But that only lasted for a few games. I don't want him to pick it up I just want him to be a great hockey player like he's paid to be and like he was for many years with every team he was with except this one apparently. For once one of these suppossed professionals could live up to a contract.

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I believe in Beaver.

Calm down Slats.
See this example? This is what every post defending this garbage heap is like. Condescending, arrogant and utterly wrong. How bout some reasoning instead of talking down to someone for simply expressing an understably frustration laden opinion? Even if this post is just joking and I didn't pick up on it there are clearly quite a few who DO defend richards like he's their brother in the same manner and when asked for reasoning or logic they provide none. At least thats what happenned last night.

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