Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Winnipeg signs Jacob Trouba to ELC
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04-02-2013, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
How often does anyone actually go back to school and/or earn as good of an education as they would have while younger? Let alone get the same experience that college brings. I know personally I can see the changes in myself from when I was a Freshman to when I graduate soon.

We often see these guys enter the NHL still too immature to handle what they are being asked to do.

Again, this means nothing about Trouba persay. I expect him to be great, but if given the choice I'd rather go the Shattenkirk route than the Trouba route personally.
So the thing that I think maybe you're missing here and why you would question why anyone would leave school early is this, say you wanna be a fireman. You've wanted to be a fireman since you were 6 years old everything you've done since then has been in the hopes to achieve your dream of becoming a fireman it's the reason you went to school in the first place. So you're in school and you already know you could go and do it now you're ready you've known what you need to and the local firehouse knows this and recognizes this and they've contacted you and said hey you don't need to finish school you've already met all the requirements. Now you can stay in school even though your dream is on hold, life the college life and the firehouse will still be there, but this is your dream you've worked for it all your life. Now picture this not only will your skills not improve anymore the ones relative to living your dream as a fireman but while you're in school many many other young firefighters will come out and take jobs, sure you'll still get your opportunity and can still become a fireman but you might never become the one that you could've been you may have just missed your shot at your best opportunity.

Now ask yourself why exactly would they stay in school when their dream job is waiting for them right there in front of them.

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