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Originally Posted by albertonhabsfan View Post
Just hear me out, how many players are on the hit list of so many of us Canadians fans? Riberio, Bonk and before he was traded Zednik. Players find it tough in a habs jersey because fans and media make it that way. As soon as a player struggles, he is never really given a chance to comeback because we and the media hound them to death. There are many examples. Perault, how many points did he get last year, Valeri Bure, even marcel Hossa had a good year with the rangers. All players who took heat in a habs uniform. no one gives Ribs a chance, a thread starts about him taking power skating and what happens, yes he gets bashed in here for it. Zednik will have 50 + pts this year playing on a top two line, maybe more if he plays a line with Ovechkin and Bonk when given the role, with of course a different team in the past was really a threat to collect points. My point is really, if and when a player slumps, if everyone is down on them, boo's them at home games and the media startsgiving them a hard time, the player is done in Montreal. Look at Theodore, it makes me sick how for 3 plus years he was our saviour, one bad stretch and he's gone and most habs fan's hate him now and beleive me, he will come back to a top 3 goalie in the NHL. All just my opinon,?????what do others think?

Professionals shouldn't be worrying about what the fans think of them. They're getting paid big bucks to perform and they agreed to play in Montreal. Of course it's tough and emotionally everyone handles it differently and it will affect some. But most of the players you mentioned have been the ones who have had it pretty easy, IMO.

Theodore had one good 3 month stretch and was never anything better than mediocre after that. He was always an unproven goaltender to me and he was getting paid a king's ransom. Like Theodore, guys like Ribeiro with their home-town status by default have always had the crowd and the media on their side. Every excuse has been made for them and they have (had) been given more than their share of chances. After 3 years of mediocrity they finally got rid of Jose. I would not encourage booing but most players would not have been given that much time by management, let alone the fans.

If there is one guy who should use the excuse of pressure, it's Saku Koivu. Flashback to 2003. Ribeiro, our leading scorer at the time, hasn't scored in numerous games. So Koivu does something that every good captain does and tries to get Ribeiro motivated in practice. What happens? The media and the fans freak out and the guy is booed the next game by the same crowd that gave him a 10 minute standing ovation only a 9 months earlier. They boo Koivu on behalf of a player who had proven absolutely nothing and who to this day looks like a AHL player in waiting - one who does not even deserve to be Saku Koivu's caddy. If there was any justice, Saku would have waited to become a UFA and signed a long-term, $4.5 million contract on any one of the other 29 teams that would gladly have taken him. But Koivu doesn't make excuses. Like I said, real professionals handle adversity (even unwarranted) with class and they still go out every night and get the job done. That is why I cannot agree with your post.

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