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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
Outside of Hertl and Nieto, the Sharks have no forward that projects beyond the 3rd line level. They have plenty of defensemen to fill out the depth levels. They're committing to Burns as their #1 and Vlasic is a serviceable partner for him for as long as they want to do that. They don't need much focus on that level with a young roster of d-men and solid group of d-men prospects. And honestly, the need for much attention or resources on goalies is dwindling overall. You can go years and not draft any and it wouldn't matter because it's cheap to go out and find someone to fill the role and do well as long as it fits.

If they can pluck two quality winger prospects out of the draft that can/will project to be a top six player, they will succeed in a short term refresh or whatever they want to call it. If they land three, it would be ideal in terms of preparing for the future as Marleau and Havlat will be on their way out when this class is about ready to step in. Three would actually fill a void if we assume Nieto is filling the fourth winger spot in the top six. However, it's not all that likely to get that kind of pull in this draft with their picks as they are.

To get two, they likely will need a solid pick in the first round and hope that one of their pretty much four second round picks goes to historic formula of a 25% clip of success.

Of course, all this doesn't mean anything if they find a long term solution by trading Boyle or someone else for a young winger that has many years of top six play in front of him.
Could Neito play on JT's wing? Sounds like he has the tools. If Hertl comes over next year,he could start the 3rd line with Shepp & Pavs.

With Acolatse,Abeltshauser,Doherty,Petrecki in the pipe line why not trade/package them for winger prospects??

WHAT IF Burns dominates in the playoffs at F??? THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE imo..I think this team is better with him at forward and Boyle the #1D..In this case, Boyle doesn't get traded and Burns is our starting RW for the 13-14 season..This is why I feel we move/trade/buyout Havlat(5mil)& trade Nemo(3.8) THIS SUMMER.
Between the picks we have,Havlat,Nemo being moved,the Sharks could put together a nice package for some quality wingers.

Roll with this to start the 13'-14 season:
CapHit of 54,935,000....I ballparked on a few(shepp/hertl/both goalies)but should be close.THATS 10MIL IN CAP SPACE..

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