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04-02-2013, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR135 View Post
I think saying Richards is done and to move along is a bit much. He's obviously looked off this entire season, we all know that. However, I still believe he can pull it together. He looked better last night with Zuccs and Gabby. If Gabby can start finishing his chances, Richards will starts putting up assists and if the chemistry can start to grow, it will open up more space and lead to him playing with more confidence. One of the worst things for a player like Richards who relies on his instincts, hockey IQ and vision, to be going through is a slump where his confidence is clearly shaken. He's holding on to the puck for that extra second, second guessing all of his decisions and he's holding his stick too tight so to speak.

Richards has never been a player to rely on his physical attributes, he's a guy who relies on his hockey IQ and vision. That's why I always thought he could be successful as he gets older. However, his physical shape needs to be up to snuff. Clearly there is no room for error there with him and his conditioning. He needs to be in 100% game shape to be successful, despite the fact that he doesn't rely on his physical attributes. It's a double edged sword because although his game doesn't rely on those attributes, without his conditioning being where it normally is, he can't keep up. This leads to him taking too long in his decision making, making poor choices and going into slumps with his confidence being shattered.

What he needs is a stretch of at least 5 games where he's playing well, creating plays that lead to goals, maybe pot a few goals himself. He needs to get his confidence up.
Maybe he's overrated in this aspeect maybe he just had guys who were much smarter around him and he simply knew how to get them the puck. I think our team collectively is offensively retarded too. Maybe our players being mentally inept in the offensive zone dragged him down?

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