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04-02-2013, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by First Man In View Post
This team will most likely lose in the 1st round anyway so who cares who they play? Just enjoy the Smith and Melo hero-ball while teams sit and watch for these last 10 games. Then in the playoffs they're going to regress and complain like N.Y primmadonnas on every foul call like they always do. The only ones with respect and integrity are Prigioni, Kidd, Copeland, and Novak.

Watching Felton, Melo, Smith, K-Mart, Stoudemire, and sometimes Chandler and Shumpert complain and make a sour face on t.v makes me disgusted sometimes. You don't see the Celtics, Bulls, or Heat act like babies on the court, they go about their business like men. I don't know how this sourpuss mentality got instilled throughout the team, but Woody needs to resolve the issue. It's downright embarrassing to watch Them pout and get technicals after a lazy foul.
I'm going to guess youre not Knicks fan.

But the Bulls????? The Celtics????????????????

The whining is annoying, but the Knickls are 8th in the league in defense and 2nd in the EC in scoring. This is a good, well-balanced team.

I cant see any Knicks fan not like this team, especially after watching garbage for well over a decade.

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