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04-02-2013, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
Just because you only decide to mention the possible negative ways it can play out doesn't mean that positive scenarios don't exist.
Well, of course, positive scenarios exist. That seems fairly obvious and, as it doesn't really relate to my point, not worthy of mention; we all know that a positive scenario exists. There are always positive scenarios. There was a positive scenario when the team made a similar deal for Nik Antropov. There was a positive scenario when they signed Wade Redden, too.

My point, which you didn't really respond to, is that when you make moves, you should be weighing the positive and the negative scenarios against each other. There are a bunch of different ways this could go wrong, but the biggest problem I have with this trade is that Clowe's individual play isn't even what's going to determine how shrewd of a move this is. The Rangers could use Clowe, perhaps, but their fate this season isn't going to be determined BY Clowe, no matter how well he plays. It's going to be determined by how good Richards and Gaborik are, and so far, they've been pretty damn bad.

The negative scenarios, and the likelihood of them coming to fruition, seem to overshadow the positive scenarios with this move. What scares me is that the Rangers, and Glen Sather in particular, have a rich tradition of making trades or free agent signings (which this could be a facsimile of if Clowe is signed to an extension) where they fail to properly evaluate this crucial equation.

I don't understand when teams that are on the playoff bubble at the trade deadline make costly acquisitions. Clowe is, at best, a complimentary player. When you are a bubble team, that means you lack elite talent to win you games on a nightly basis. We have guys who are supposed to be elite; they haven't been. What signs have there been of late signaling a change in that situation.

This just seems a lot like the Antropov move to me. They aren't the same type of player, although they are both big and both have a tendency to forget to play physical at times and try to do too much perimeter playmaking (certainly, Clowe is much more physically engaged than Antropov), but Clowe is going to want the same kind of extension that Antropov wanted. Good thing we didn't give in to Antro's demands, because he has steadily declined for 2-3 years now. Clowe has, as well, and at virtually the same age as Antropov.

I'm not saying they are the same player, but there is a lot about the two situations that is similar.

Do you want to pay Clowe $4-4.5 million a year for the next 4-5 years? I'd have serious reservations about it.

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