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04-03-2013, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post
Okay fair enough but I still think my point has merit. I'm not asking for a big asset to be moved. I'm looking at a depth forward with size to replace armstrong. Other than that I was advocating that the mentality around this year should be optimistic, becuase the deeper we go this year, the more experience and exposure to the playoffs will help expedite our true years of contention. If we lack deep runs over the next few years, when we do have our young guys hit their prime, we'll have question marks about experience. It's better for them to learn now and benefit later than learn while we're actually trying to go out and be a SC favourite. That's why I think we should look into buying a solid Bottom6er.
Drewiskie might be that. All accounts from people that know him well suggest as much. If you meant a solid top4, maybe no, but it does seem like he is a solid bottom 6er and with the right coaching and the way the Habs have a way (opposite to last year) of turning things to gold, this might very well get us deep into the playoffs. We could look back at this move as one of the best deadline deals since Kovalev.

Let's see how it plays out. I also want us to get experience.

Mission one: Win the division (I think conference is a little out of reach by a point or two). This will be very tough, but we can do it while nobody would have believed this near possible at the season's start.

if that doesn't happen,

Mission two: BEAT THE LEAFS! Nothing would be a better experience for our kids than this. Not like our team is exactly lacking in PO experience. It's really JUST Gally and Chucky (ok Emelin too) and I have a feeling Gally will be a big game performer.

My feeling is that our success rests a LOT on waking Max up for good. Looked good last game, now keep it going like last year. He is our ticket to playoff success (everyone else is pulling their weight pretty well so far in terms of meeting or exceeding their potential).

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