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04-03-2013, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Schenn isnt a little kitten. Hes a rough player whose had his fair share of fights and actually initiated that fight with Neil in front of the bench. Leaf fans always bring that up as him picking his spots when first he didnt even pick that spot really and secondly Schenn was the one who intentionally got in his way. Neil's what, 6 feet tall? Its not OK for him to fight Orr or McLaren every challenge he gets basically (what it seems like some are saying, not necessarily you) but thats going up a weight class for him big time. But for some reason it isnt a respectable move to fight Schenn. Why shouldnt Schenn have to step up a weight class for the way he plays every now and then? (And Schenn is a lot bigger than Neil)
Luke is clearly not a fighter. Neil went after him constantly when there were other legit guys on the Leafs he could have gone after. If Orr went after a 20 year old Senator who's not really a fighter I'd say the same thing about Orr. Neil is also much bigger than people, usually Sens fans, give him credit for. Some make it seem like this guy is stepping up 2 weigh classes when in reality, a guy like Orr is is 6'3 220lbs and Neil is 6'1 215 lbs. So I don't buy that one bit. If a guy like Schenn goes after Neil, which IIRC, he did once, thats on Schenn. The problem I have is when Neil goes after guys, kids, like Schenn. I think you know there's a big difference between being big and being big AND tough. Schenn throws hits, not fists.

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