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Originally Posted by losingsand View Post
Just to add some points about Whiskey, I follow him very closely because he's one of my favorite underrated underdog-type players.

Whiskey lost his spot when we traded for Ellerby, not because he deserved to be benched but we needed to see what we had in our new player in Keaton. However when Martinez went down, Whiskey stepped back in.

Started to notice game to game that his ice time kept increasing along with his specialty team minutes. The goal in st. louis that he scored was when he was paired with doughty on the first pp unit. When he stepped in for martinez, he was immediately taking the first PK along w/ scuderi. Lets you know he's valued as a shutdown guy.

His ice time climbed from about 11 minutes to about 18 minutes and was playing his best hockey til Martinez came back from injury and he was scratched again. There was a major debate on our boards that the kings should have benched Ellerby who has been underwhelming. I was really bummed that Whiskey was benched again... even though it seemed like he was earning the coaches trust quickly in all situations. I just don't get how why you rather scratch Davis logging 18 minutes rather than ellerby who was logging 11. But, i'm not the coach and I guess we're really trying to get ellerby to learn the system and the conference. Big mistake on the kings part especially when we lost Greene and Mitchell, Wiskey provides more of what those injured guys have.
Ah well, you guys have him now and i'm hoping he gets to play.

Something that you'll notice about DD44 is how much he actually takes the puck down low offensively. He's not afraid to pinch and be a part of the offensive cycle down low. Not saying he's a loose cannon by any means, he's smart about it and doesn't hesitate, which makes it easier for his teammates to cover for him at the point. But the dude is good at keeping a cycle going.
Other characteristics:
--His shots rarely get blocked
--good first pass
--he's getting nastier in front of the net from year to year, started his nhl career timid, though now he's taken a page from greene and is BECOMING more and more physical.. by no means is he a bruiser, him being a team player i just think he was afraid of picking up minor penalties, he's slowly but surely finding that balance.
--speed is average for a defenseman.
--serviceable in all situations. There's no WOW factor to Drewiske, but this guy totally gets the subtleties of being a solid NHL defenseman.

BEST of luck to DD44, please play him, you won't regret it...I think he'll come out and be timid, but it doesn't take him much time to adapt and contribute. Good luck to you guys, i'm now rooting for you in the east.
Thanks Brother

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