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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
A fair chance? You're telling me Bill would rather take an inexperienced and underperfroming young Burmistrov over guys proven guys like Tikhonov, Shepachyov, Kazionov or even Zinoviev and Svitov?? There are also guys like Gorovikov, Grigorenko and even Tsvetkov who looks very good for Dynamo.

I know Russia is thin down the middle, but I really don't believe that Burmistrov is better than those guys right now. What exactly would make him better? He's done almost nothing whether its AHL or NHL vs guys that I mentioned who are strong Centres on their teams..
Well Burmistrov can't be considered inexperienced by now in my eyes. But you say Burmistrov is underachieving and Tikhonov who couldn't get a grip in the NHL is the man. Okay.

Shipachyov problem is obvious. It's his size. If he can't gain some muscle he won't be able to translate his talent to the level of play needed on the NT. His best game for the NT was at Chnnel One Cup on the wing. It speaks for itself. I have no objections against giving the man his chance, but I see him pretty much the same level as Burmistrov right now on NT level. You really think Burmistrov wouldn't be able to perform given top center spot on a middle of the pack KHL team?

Kazionov and Svitov as I mentioned earlier are in the different league. They would be considered by Bill for the 4th line.

And let's not even talk amout "The Diva" Zinoviev. Only God knows what's on his mind all the time. Bill doesn't like those players.

Beyond that it's really not NT caliber And the Dynamo guys only look good with Dynamo, bacause of Znarok's system. It's a good system, but it lives of utilizing no superstar players to make them work as a whole.

Anyway my list consists of all possible candidates. No chance they all will be availabe. We just don't know who won't yet.

P.S. Watch Burmistrov play. He has it. If we start picking players by their stats we'lll never have guys on the team like Ketov or Shirokov and they are World Champions now. And we won't send one oh the KHL's top scorers like Shipachyov home. And obviously Bill was right with his decisions.

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