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Originally Posted by J StClair28 View Post
So I spent 10 minutes writing out this response only to find the thread on the main board locked when I was done, but since I like these kind of threads I decided to share here. I don't mean to troll or offend anyone with some of my reasons, so if I do, I'm sorry.

Phoenix: At the risk of this coming off as trolling, I'd rather play in front of fans. Plus I would hate living in Phoenix.
Dallas: I wouldn't like living in Dallas either.
Florida: I just don't see anything there for me. Team is bad, not many fans either.
Calgary: No words needed. On top of that, I'd have to live in Calgary.
Edmonton: Kinda like Calgary, only they actually have a decently promising future.
Washington: Although it'd be cool to live in the capital of the U.S., that teams direction seems uncertain, although they seem to be getting back on track slightly, who knows how long it'll last with McPhee at the helm.
Detroit: I don't want to play on a team whose ship is sinking, while the fans still have sky high expectations.

I could only think of seven that I wouldn't want to be traded to.

Just because I had so much fun doing that, I'm gonna give my GM a list of five teams I'd prefer to go to if he could work out a good deal for me, because I don't want to screw over the franchise that's been loyal to me for my entire career:

Vancouver: As much as I hate the team, I hear the city is second to none. I'd love to go there, and I feel like with a pro athlete's salary I could even afford to live there.
Boston: I'd love to live on the East coast as well, and I'd prefer Boston over New York or New Jersey.
Nashville: I've been to Nashville before, and even though it doesn't appeal to everyone, it appeals to me. I'd love to live there, and it's a small market, so I wouldn't get much media attention, which would be ideal for a family.
Toronto: On the other hand, I'm a cocky ***** sometimes, and if I'm a good player, having the spotlight in Toronto would be fun. Not to mention I hear Toronto is a nice city, and their fans would argue vehemently that I'm one of the best players in the league no matter how good I actually am. Talk about stroking a man's ego.
Minnesota: My favorite team. The stadium is first class, and the fans are amazing. You have the benefits of both a Canadian market and an American market. Not to mention the team is (hopefully) heading in the right direction.
The mod who closed the thread on the main board gave me plausible justification via PM as to why he shut it down, which I appreciated. Potential for serious flaming; I agree in hindsight. Just an FYI!

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