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04-03-2013, 07:22 AM
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The way the Flames traded Iginla and Jaybo. I feel the team is going into a rebuild mode even if Feaster does not want to admit it. We are currently stock piling picks and prospects. This year their will be lots of UFA and trades going down as the cap is going to drop and teams need to shed salary. Pittsburgh is one such team that cannot resign all the players they picked up. One of Iginla or Morrow will be gone and Doug Murray may also leave. Now that we have seen what Feaster has done as of April 2nd, 2013 what else should he do to help the rebuild.

I read other threads of consistent complaining about the prospects we received. But if you think about it the more prospects that we have the better the chances of having a few pan out and play for the Flames. If the Blues can make the playoffs we will have three first round picks and maybe 4 if we trade Kipper on deadline or during draft time as he is considered one of the top goalies in the league. If Wiseboro can do what he does best and get us some good prospects in this years draft. It will not take long to have young NHL quality players on the team. Look at this years deadline deals and you will realize that most of the players traded will become UFA at the end of the season and Calgary can go after some of those players.

I have not been following hockey much this year so I do not know what players we should go after but I would hope they keep Kipper and trade him during the 2014 season if Ramo plays to what we expect in the NHL. If not then at least we have a fall back plan in using Kipper. We need to find defense that can eat the minutes that Jaybo was capable of doing. Find a number one center and the only person I could think of is Mike Ribero. If Backlund can stay healthy he can become our 2nd line center. Stajan our third line center. Who should be our backup goalie if we trade Kipper. I hope it is not to Toronto as they do have what we are looking for in a player. Kipper should net a return like Iginla.

The question I ask is what should we do before 2014 season starts.

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