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04-03-2013, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by MayDay View Post
Southern states may have lower taxes, but there's more to quality of life than tax level.

I could never live in the south. The conservative politics, the gun culture, the overt religiosity, the lingering structural racism, the generally poor state of public education - all things that disagree with me and would negatively impact my quality of life.

However, others may find southern culture attractive, or find that nice weather and low taxes out-weigh all those other things. Too each their own.
I can assist you with your misperceptions. As a Yankee transplant, I have found that politics, religion, and racism depend on big city vs. small town. In big cities the politics lean the other way, religion takes a back seat, and reverse racism rules. Public education is a mess in either place, but private or charter schools are great.

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